How To: Throw the left hook and jab/hook combo in boxing

Throw the left hook and jab/hook combo in boxing

Practice the left hook and jab/hook combi in boxing. These are basic and beginner techniques you must master to compete in the ring.

Hard Knocks is a program about boxing and martial arts. This part of the series will teach you basic boxing. Learn to kick some butt! Hosted by former Lightweight champion, soon to be Middleweight champion!

The techniques in the videos are for fitness and self defense use only. Please use caution when practicing boxing drills and skills. This Hard Knocks boxing series is brought to you by former Lightweight Champion Paul Becher.

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i reckon i can help out on the show if you like matey...

you can get me on neill@boxingfootwork,com

His technique is terrible, you have to learn how to box before you can teach it!!!

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