How To: Understand different wrap types for boxing

Understand different wrap types for boxing

Laura Bateman, of Extreme Fitness Now, demonstrates how to wrap your hands for boxing. Wrapping is important for protecting your wrists and knuckles from injury. Mexican hand wraps are longer than the typical hand wraps. Place the looped end of the wrap over your thumb. Be sure to position the wrap the right side down. Next, wrap it around your wrist three times. Feed the wrap under your thumb, under the palm and up to the knuckle of the index finger. Wrap the knuckle two times. Cross down to the crook of the thumb and lace it between the fingers once, bringing the wrap back down to the thumb. Then bring the wrap around the wrist and back up to the index knuckle. Wrap it around the knuckle a few times. Finally, wrap the excess around your wrist and attach the Velcro.

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