How To: Wrap your hands for boxing like a gym rat

Wrap your hands for boxing like a gym rat

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to wrap the hands for boxing, MMA and kickboxing. Begin by putting the thumb through the loop and bring it under the palm. Wrap it one time around the wrist. The cross it through the thumb and index finger. Wrap around the knuckles 3 times. Now cross it behind the thumb and over. Then go under the wrist and over the thumb again. Then go over the wrist, under the palm and through the pinkie and ring fingers. Roll around it to secure and repeat for other fingers. This video will benefit those viewers who are beginning boxing, MMA or kickboxing and would like to learn how to wrap the hands.

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Coach Todd is the real deal! All Navy Boxing Championship in 1986 & 1987 and 2004 World Amateur Masters Boxing Champion.

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