How To: Wrap your hands for Muay Thai, boxing, and MMA

Wrap your hands for Muay Thai, boxing, and MMA

There are many ways to wraps your hands for Muay Thai or kickboxing. One way is to first attach the Velcro to itself so that it creates a loop, after rolling the hand wraps back up in the opposite direction. Now you want to attach the loop to your thumb then wrap the wrap around your wrist three or four times. Secure the thumbs and come up towards the knuckles them you need to make a knuckle pad. You do this by looping the fabric about four times against your knuckles, securing it with your thumb as you're looping. Then you want to secure the loop take your thumb out, pull the wrap down around your knuckles which should cover them. Now you want to wrap it thru your finger starting with your pinky coming around on top of your thumb then thru the next set of fingers this time wrapping on back of the thumb doing the next two the same. Make sure your fingers are widespread while wrapping. With the rest of your hand wrap you want to secure the rest of your wrist and you're all wrapped up.

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