How To: Wrap your hands for boxing when fighting

Wrap your hands for boxing when fighting

A boxer knows that during and after a fight, their bodies will be aching. As a part of the job, they grit their teeth, focus and get past the pain. The most important part of a boxer's body, though, is arguably his hands. A boxer depends on his hands to win fights and to train. The best thing one can do to protect their hands is to wrap them properly. This video will show you exactly how to wrap your hands so that they are cushioned and protected against injury. An ideal wrapping job would put some sort of soft cushioning in between the fingers, use stick on adhesive to stay in place and then wrap around the entire hand. The wrap, however thin, actually creates a very effective barrier between the boxer's hand and the hard surface it is about to hit.
Check out this tutorial for a step by step guide to wrapping your hands and be more safe next time you box.

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